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"This industry has grown us personally, professionally and allowed us to meet and work with wonderful business partners and customers!"
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Josh and Susan Frank
     Welcome to the "Success Team" Page! Do you have the desire to be more healthy and/or gain an extra income by helping others? If so, you are at the right place at the right time! 
     Our team has lost 250 pounds so far and are feeling and looking better and learning about the power of a healthy life! I am going to tell you my personally story below. Picture you sharing your success story with the world!
     When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up get married to "my prince" and become a mommy to healthy babies! That dream came true in 2000 I married my prince and in 2007 I had a beautiful baby boy and another beautiful boy on St. Patrick's Day 2012! I went to school to be an RN because I wanted to help others! I graduated and practiced as a registered nurse for 9 1/2 years working 12 hour days and loved it!  After the birth of my 1st son when I had to go back to work and leave my baby for our family to care for him I was very unhappy and wanted to be a mommy that was present in my babies life. I quit my job as an RN to be a full-time mommy and was willing to live without to do so. I found that income is greatly needed to survive and I was praying for a blessing and was introduced to a home based business. I started right away and climbed up the ranks of that company and with effort I was able to replace and exceed my RN income. It allowed me to be a mom and my husband sold his company to be a dad and we became instant business partners. We found a great partnership and a life we had dreamed of. I have learned that when one door closes a better one will open. We are very happy with the Ariix business opportunity and it has allowed us to be full-time parents and have a home based business educating others how to loose weight, be more healthy, and educate others on how to be successful with putting effort into the Ariix business. We have been able to help educate team members how to make a part-time income or a full-time income. Helping others tap into their entrepreneurial spirit has been amazing. I was very shy and quiet when I started in business and it has allowed me to be a more outgoing and happy go lucky person. Some will say, "She got lucky" but Luck comes with choices and our choice is to be a part of a business that is growing and thriving!  Putting effort and time into those that want optimal health and/or more income that are willing to work for better has been very rewarding. We have a winning team and would love for you to be a part of it as a customer or business partner what ever works best for you!
Book of the month: "Think and grow rich" by Napoleon Hill
There is only one letter between can and can't and that one letter determines your destiny! I believe in YOU!
"Got to do something different to get somewhere different" Dave Kesler (My hero-my Daddy) Thanks dad & mom